Direct Terminal De-Hire Recovery Fee

Dear Valued Clients,

Please be noted that from 1st March 2018, there will be an introduction of the Direct Terminal De-Hire Recovery Fee which can vary from approx AUD 90.00-140.00 per container billed on to any container dehired into the terminal on the direct of the shipping lines. Note that this charge can change depending on the shipping line and discharge port.

As far back as 1st September last year, a lot of major lines including OOCL, ANL (CMA-CGM) and COSCO have already started directing containers to be dehired back at the terminal instead of empty parks further saving them an estimated AUD 110.00 – 150.00 per container.

The shipping line Maersk have already directed containers to be dehired into the terminal as of 1st February 2018. Containers that need to be dehired at Patricks along with other terminals yet to be determined will require the importer to complete a PRA. We highly recommend these charges are factored into costings when forwarding on to the market.

If you wish to avoid the Direct Terminal De-Hire Recovery fee all together, please ensure you instruct your shipping line to direct dehire to their nominated empty park instead as we must dehire containers in accordance with instructions given on the EDO.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service