Qube/MCS Cooks River – Peak Season Notification Container Chain Fee Increase

Dear Valued Clients,

Qube Logistics has provided us with an announcement of a Peak Season Notification Fee increase from 16 September 2019 at Qube/MCS Cooks River Empty Container Depot.

The announcement increases the Cooks River Notification Container Fee to the below:

– Monday 0500hr – Saturday 0500hr : AUD $45.00 per notification 

– Saturday 0600hr to Sunday: AUD $55.00 per notification (weekends by prior arrangement) 

Qube has explained that this is to allow for extended hours of operation, and the allocation of more equipment to service peak demands, including to try to help to alleviate MT de-hires delayed by BMSB fumigation intervention over the coming months.

We understand that Qube will review this pricing at the end of the peak season and adjust accordingly.

As with all ports in Australia though, the combination of lower volumes of empty containers managed through traditional empty container depots, and the rise in the direct de-hire of empty containers to wharf facilities (estimated to be at least 20% of empty de-hire volumes) is also affecting depot margins and costs.

These are significant increases that cannot be absorbed by container transport operators, and will need to be passed on in the logistics chain.

Kind Regards,

SILA Customer Service