2020-2021 BMSB Season – 1 September 2020 and 31 May 2021 (inclusive)

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The Department of Agriculture has finalised measures for the 2020-2021 BMSB Season, details of which can be found on their site here. Measures are consistent with last year however of note there is 3 more countries added to the target risk category being Portugal, Ukraine and Moldova.

“The BMSB risk season is for goods and vessels that arrive in the Australian territory between 1 September 2020 and 31 May 2021 (inclusive). Goods must be treated for BMSB if exported between 1 September 2020 and 30 April 2021 (inclusive).”

As always SILA will keep you informed of any changes and  please feel free to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

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