Developing issue affecting Sydney empty container parks

Dear Clients,

We would like to bring to your attention the developing issue affecting Sydney empty container parks. Most empty container parks in Sydney are at maximum capacity and are turning away containers that have been directed for dehire to their depots by shipping lines, even with a valid booking being made in ContainerChain, forcing transport carriers to take the Empties back to their yard while waiting for solution from Shipping Line. Alternatively some containers are being redirected multiple times before being able to be dehired at a depot that will accept it, at last count ContainerChain had advertised 77 re-directions

SILA have brought this issue to shipping lines on effected containers as well as Transport providers and Peak Industry Bodies who are encouraging shipping lines to work on solutions. The situation is very fluid and should your container be effected by a re-direction or futile trip SILA will advise you accordingly.   

Kind Regards,
SILA Customer Service