SILA Global – Managing Director Appointment

7th December 2021

RE: Managing Director Appointment

Dear Customers & Partners,

On behalf of the SILA Global Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Simon Pepper has been appointed to the position of Managing Director. He will assume the head executive position at SILA Global with immediate effect.

Simon is a great example of the SILA Global culture encompassing TRUST, FAMILY, RESPECT and champions our SV3 ideals of PEOPLE, PROCESS, SYSTEMS.

A strong advocate for industry, Simon provides our customers with excellent consultancy services to improve their navigation of the international and domestic supply chain.

Celebrating his 11th year of service at SILA Global in January 2022, Simon has managed several significant projects within the company. Some of his achievements at SILA Global include:

  • Fully Licenced Broker 18 years
  • Member of IFCBAA Regional Advisory Committee 10+ years
  • Prepared SILA Global to attain a Corporate Customs Licence & DAWE accreditation
  • Implemented SILA Global Chain of Responsibility policy
  • Prepared SILA Global to secure Australian Customs Trusted Trader accreditation
  • Assisting customers in obtaining their Australian Trusted Trader accreditation
  • Implemented SILA Global SV3 Drive product
  • Transitioned SILA Global international & domestic teams to an exception based automated customer focused solution.
  • Upcoming speaker at the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) Conference

It has been my pleasure to be part of Simon’s journey. He has grown as a person and transitioned to a magnificent leader of people, and an expert in the field of international and domestic supply chain services.

On behalf of the shareholders and board of directors we look forward to Simons continued success and achievements.

Darren Dumbleton