Customer Notice 27/8/2014 - Port Botany Container Terminal

Dear Valued Customer


Please note the industry is currently experiencing delays in the collection of import containers ex Port Botany Container Terminals due to large volumes arriving, mixed in with recent bad weather which is continuing today.


The bad weather is also delaying vessels into Port and this is also creating confusion regarding vessel availability as ETA’s are being pushed back daily.


We are working with operators and terminals trying to extract maximum numbers of containers per day in an attempt to maintain normality however the weather is also impacting on this plan. Unfortunately much of this is out of everyone’s control so weappreciate your understanding.


Please continue to communicate and highlight any urgent shipments with your SILA representative.


We would like to draw your attention to the below notification received from DP World Brisbane this morning.


Short Description: Hello All, Presently we are experiencing heavy delays at DP World Brisbane. We do not anticipate this to clear any time soon.

Please be patient. We thank you for your understanding. K Regards VBS

Priority: Urgent

Notification Date: 23/07/2014 00:00

Current for: 1 Day(s)

Regards, Nicole Rosman DP WORLD PORTS DP WORLD Brisbane

Kind Regards

SILA Customer Service

Investigation into Alleged Dumping from India and Vietnam Initiation of Galvanised Steel

We wish to bring to your attention that today the Anti-Dumping Commission has announced the initiation of an investigation into Alleged Dumping ex India and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam of Galvanised Steel.

Please see the following link for further information

Please also note interested parties, as defined by subsection 269T(1) of the Act, are invited to lodge submissions concerning the publication of the dumping duty notice sought in the application, no later than the close of business on 20 August 2014. Further details can be found within the Anti-Dumping Notice. click this for further:

DP World Australia: Chain of Responsibility Legislation

Introduction of Weigh In Motion Fees in Brisbane & Chain of Responsibility.

Dear Valued Clients,

To comply with the Chain of Responsibility Legislation DP World has installed Weigh In Motion measurement devices at the exit gates of its Fisherman Island Terminal.

In line with the duty of care requirements prescribed under the legislation loaded vehicles leaving the terminal will be weighed to ensure that vehicle mass and axle loads do not exceed the legal limits.

With effect from July 7th 2014 a Chain of Responsibility Fee of A$5.10 + GST will be levied for each full import container leaving the terminal by road. This will be charged direct to the Transport Company when booking a VBS slot through 1-Stop for the collection of an import full container.

Where a vehicle is found to be overweight it will be refused exit from the terminal and a Chain of Responsibility Overweight fee of A$100.00 + GST will be levied for each container removed from the vehicle.

The Chain of Responsibility Fees, are currently applicable at DP World – Brisbane and is the first of its type nationally, and this additional surcharge may be extended to other terminals and other states in due course.

All parties in the chain of responsibility (CoR) are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with mass, load restraint, dimension and other obligations. This requires parties to employ a risk management approach to their obligations under CoR legislation by identifying and assessing risks that could lead to non-compliance and then taking steps to eliminate, reduce or manage those risks. In managing these risks we urge our Customers to continually remind their suppliers to pack cargo safely, securely and distribute the weight evenly to ensure compliance of axle group weight requirements at destination.

A detailed explanation of the operation and requirements of the Chain of Responsibility Legislation can be found at the website of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator at

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service Team

Changes in Department of Agriculture fees

Dear Customers,

As referenced in previous notices, we would like to remind all that the Department of Agriculture (the Department) is implementing rates changes for a number of biosecurity services. The increases will take effect from 1 July 2014.

The Department advises that changes in fees and charges are necessary to return the Department's cost recovery arrangements to a sustainable footing and to ensure continued compliance with the Government's cost recovery guidelines.

Further information: 2014 biosecurity fee review page.

Kind Regards

SILA Customer Service Team

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SILA is proud to be a member of Project Cargo Network (PCN)an organisation established to provide a networking platform for the worlds top heavy lift and project cargo specialists.

Please view the below link for our SILA project profile.

PCN-Marketing Brochure 2014_Sinotrans(Australia)_v2

For any project related enquiries please contact:

Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia
13 / 35 Paringa Road Murarrie Queensland Australia
Tel: +61 7 3908 1690
Fax: +61 7 3390 4502

Thankyou and Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service

Australian Melbourne & Sydney Southbound PSC Adjustment

Australian Melbourne & Sydney Southbound PSC Adjustment

Please be advised that the following port service charge will be applicable for Melbourne & Sydney southbound shipments, effective from vessel ITAL Massima v.001S (CAT Service) & Northern Practise 14005E (CKA Service).

Port Service Charge into Melbourne / Sydney 

A$130.00 / 20'ft container
A$260.00 / 40’ft container

Port service charge for Brisbane southbound shipments will remain unchanged.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you & Warm Regards,

Customer Service Team

Heightened surveillance of timber packing materials originating from China

Dear Clients,

The Department of Agriculture has intercepted Asian longhorn beetle, the brown mulberry longhorn beetle and the Japanese sawyer beetle in timber pallets imported from China. These beetles are considered significant pests of living trees. The infested pallets were stamped with the treatment identification code ISPM15 HT and arrived into Australia with supporting documentation which confirmed treatment.

What is happening now?

Businesses that have access to timber pallets or dunnage imported from China are asked to inspect them for signs of insect damage or ineffective treatment. Holes and piles of frass (fine sawdust), large pieces of bark or the presence of mould or fungus are all indicators that the ISPM15 treatment may not have been effective.

Suspect timber packaging should be reported to the Department on: 1800 19 55 43

For more information refer to the Departments industry advice notice 59-2014 - Heightened surveillance of timber packing materials originating from China.

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Shanghai 24 Hours Advance Filing Rule

Dear Valued Customers,

“Please see notice as provided by Quay Shipping”

Please be advised that with effect from 10th Jun 2014, Shanghai Customs will implement a 24hr Advance Filing Rule which applies to all cargo being imported into Shanghai port (including cargo transhipping via Shanghai).

This rule requires Ocean Carriers to electronically file cargo information for cargo to be loaded on a vessel intending to enter port in Shanghai 24 hours before departing from origin port of loading (POL). The data transmission rules apply to all containerised cargo to be discharged or transhipped at Shanghai port.

If customs data is not filed within the deadline, cargo cannot be unloaded without the permission to discharge from China Customs.

In order to meet the requirement, Quay Shipping requests that all shippers’ letters of instructions (SLI) to be emailed to our Exports Documentation Team 32 business hours before vessel departs Port of Loading (POL). SLI must include the following information: HS Code (AHECC code), CBM and consignee / & or Notify party contact details.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Quay representatives.

Thank you & Kind Regards,

Customer Service Team
Quay Shipping Australia Pty Ltd

Establishment of a new online payment option

Dear Valued Customer,

SILA is very pleased to announce the establishment of a new online payment option that is available to all customers.

Bank merchant services covering VISA, Mastercard and AMEX are now available through our website, just click the "Online Payment" button in the top right hand corner next to the customer login button. You will need your Account Code, which is displayed in the top right hand corner of your invoice, your invoice number and a valid Debit/Credit card. If you are wishing to pay multiple invoices we just request that you use one invoice number, but email with full remittance details.

There are surcharges to use this facility and they are 1.5% for VISA and Mastercard and 3% for AMEX.

We trust that you will find this service of benefit and if you have any questions or concerns then please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Kind Regards

Michele Hart
Financial Controller