China Refrigerated Supply Chain

SinoTrans PFS has appointed SI Logistics Australia Pty Ltd trading as Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia (SILA) as exclusive Australian representative.

SinoTrans PFS is a joint venture between China largest logistics company Sinotrans Limited and USA refridgerated supply chain specialist Preferred Freezer Services, 35 USA facilites, 1 Vietnam. SinoTrans PFS China is led by Managing Director / Chairman Mr Tim McLean.

SinoTrans PFS operate three CIQ approved warehousing and distribution facilities within China, with another facility under construction.

SILA as exclusive representatives of SinoTrans PFS will provide Australian exporters & importers with a local contact to assist with the challenges of providing a secure supply chain that is compliant to China new “Food Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China”, Putting Prevention First.

In addition to our warehouse storage, distribution,customs clearance, CIQ and quality control services. SinoTrans PFS operate a fleet of company owned refrigerated vehicles providing inter-city line haul and distribution services. Each vehicle is fitted with temperature controlled device recorders to insure product is delivered in the condition it is intended.

Please direct all inquiries to SILA Marketing Co-ordinator MIA Lu 02 95564866