3 (People Process Systems)

SILA Global is changing the way we work, not by disrupting our clients but by empowering them. We created our suite of SILA Visual (SV3®) platforms to provide our customers with a real understanding of the entire supply chain with end to end visibility and control that promises to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. This world leading technology, combined with our deep industry knowledge and expert networks, gives our customers the tools to take charge of their supply chain.

What is SV3®?

SV3® stands for SILA Visual 3 and encompasses our systems, people and processes. The combination of these 3 assets allows us to provide a powerful logistics solution that gives our customers an edge, allowing them to work smarter and faster.  SV3® incorporates 3 core products. Read on for more information.


Linked directly to our data warehouse, this is a web-based system that gives the customer full visibility of their shipments. Customers are able to enter data into this system, removing the need for traditional email updates – greatly increasing productivity on both the customers end, and ours. This information then links to our workflows (and is complemented by our SV3® Drive product) to give the customer excellent control and visibility of their shipment.


Do you still email and call your provider for status of your delivery? Still in the dark about slot times? Are you waiting for manual POD’s to be returned? We have developed SILA Drive, an app-based software that provides transport visualisation to customers, featuring:

  • Cloud-based administration platform
  • Customisable dashboards, reports, invoices, labels and analytics
  • Driver app for iOS and Android with routing maps, job plans, in-built chat, EPOD, photos + more
  • Realtime customer communication via SMS and email
  • AI Smart Routing and Dispatching
  • Full transit log trail of all deliveries, advance booking + more
  • BlockChain Technology
  • Synchronised Reporting

Our SV3® platform creates true visualisation of the supply chain, by creating workflows and processes to ensure data flow and then using that data to create dynamic reporting platforms that help you understand your supply chain better.

Data is pushed into SILA Global’s logistics platform, and workflows push data to agents, forwarders and suppliers who then update data via the SV3® web-based platform, or through systems integrations. We then make that data accessible by:


SV3® Analytics removes the need for traditional reporting by providing web-based interactive, real time data and analytics, including landed costings, carrier performance and order management.

For more information on how SILA can revolutionise the way you manage your supply chain please contact us at

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