SILA is an all-service provider offering complete
transparency in logistics.

Freight Forwarding
Renewable Energy

Freight Forwarding

SILA Global Logistics Company

SILA Global manages a diverse customer and commodity base which includes, cotton, hay, aluminium, foodstuff, carbon fibre manufactured products and electronics. We manage these services for customers located in Australia and New Zealand as well Europe, The Americas, Asia, and China.

We provide both international and domestic general cargo services with a goal to forge partnerships with our customers and work together to improve efficiencies and streamline costs in the supply chain.  

SILA Global services many industries outside of our foundation commodities (Steel, Chemical and FMCG) and our growth can be attributed to a focus
on SV3 visualisation products, including dynamic reporting and real time
data access.

Our SV3 products enable us to provide our customers with B2B and B2C intelligence, and connected visual supply chain services. Read more about our visual platforms here.

If you are looking for a service provider that will partner with your company to deliver a safe, efficient and transparent supply chain we look forward to discussing your objectives.

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Steel – It’s in our DNA

For over ten years SILA has held a reputation for providing sustainable, integrated logistics services to both the international and Australian steel industry, and proven expertise in managing container and break bulk
supply chains.

SILA can provide steel industry customers with any individual segment of the supply chain, or complete end-to-end services including shipping, transport, container loading, unloading, customs clearance, and risk management.

SILA is focussed on delivering a safe, low-cost and sustainable supply chain for customers that is also highly visible. Visualising the supply chain via our SV3 product suite provides customers with the tools to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs with the click of a button.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Our door-to-door shipping process for your FCL includes transporting the empty container, loading it, transporting it via truck or rail to the departure port, shipping the container to its destination port, and then delivery to its final destination.


Our team will take care of your breakbulk shipments, including heavy machinery, large equipment, infrastructure building supplies, and
other types of project cargo, from door-to-door, inclusive of any
special needs.

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Specialists in supply chain management of hazardous chemicals.

SILA specialises in the safe, secure, and visible transportation of hazardous chemicals and products. Our highly proficient and Dangerous Goods-qualified team draws on years of experience to provide our chemical industry clients with solutions for even the most challenging logistics problems. Our team is well-versed in the evolving dynamics of the chemical supply chain and our SV3 platform offers state-of-the-art visibility and tracking to provide complete control of even the most complex supply chain.  Read more about our visualisation platforms here.

Shipping and Logistics

Our team are focussed on providing top quality shipping and logistics services to importers, exporters and traders of chemical products. As the exclusive Australian partner of the Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics (SCIL) network, SILA works with a specialised network of global partners servicing the chemical industry.

SCIL is the number 1 provider of Non-Hazardous and Hazardous supply chain services within China and operates 32 warehouse sites over 304,000 sqm of which 60,500 sqm is DG-approved. SCIL also has a fleet of 300 vehicles of which 50% are DG-approved.

ISO Tanks

As the exclusive Australian agent for Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics ISO Tank operations division, SILA provides door to door and port to port logistics or straight tank leasing services. We operate predominantly in the Asia Pacific market providing services from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam.

Expertise: Experienced and committed tank operation team
Capacity: 3000+ ISO Tanks, with a continuously expanding fleet
Type: T11, T14, liquid tanks, Baffle and Gas tanks
IT: Tank management, tracing and tracking system

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If you need to email or call your provider to get a shipment or P/O status it’s not FMCG.

Our SV3 products provide customers with live, real time information on the status of their FMCG products with the click of a button, 24/7.

As part of the Sinotrans’ international network, China’s largest shipping and logistics company, our sophisticated China supply chain provides your business with the resources to improve efficiencies in your business and reduce costs, as well as complete transparency via our SV3 suite of products.

Commodities for importers and exporters include, frozen & chilled food products, beverages, pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware and more, while services include: bonded and non-bonded consolidation, multi country consolidation, and QC.

With offices and partners located throughout Asia and the rest of the world, SILA has a service to suit your FMCG needs.

To find out more about SV3, click here.

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Get your project on the right track with SILA.

SILA provides door-to-door logistics services for project cargo, with proven capabilities in energy, construction, rail, metallurgical & mining industries. Our partner Sinotrans owns and operates a fleet of over 50 break bulk vessels, as well as weekly container liner services ex North Asia & China to Australia.

We make global project management easy with expert staff, experienced partners and our suite of visualisation products.

The combination of people & capabilities along with systems & processes make SILA Global an excellent choice for your project cargo needs.

For more information on how our visualisation products can take your project cargo to the next level, click here.

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Renewable Energy

Specialists in Renewable Energy Supply Chain Logistics!

SILA Global takes pride in its extensive worldwide network of cargo collaborators, specialising in renewable energy supply chain logistics, who excel in transporting and overseeing mid to large-scale solar farm operations.

Australia’s energy sector is adapting to a dynamic and competitive landscape, marked by growing technical and geographical complexities impacting the global industry. In this evolving environment, logistics has emerged as a pivotal component, as precise planning and execution play a pivotal role in the success of projects. SILA collaborates closely with clients to develop and offer comprehensive, cost-effective, and risk-assessed logistics strategies tailored to each industrial project, ensuring an end-to-end solution.

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