Important Information Regarding 2019/2020 Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) season

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We highly encourage all to take note of the following information.

Notice has been received that DAWR has finalised the seasonal measures for the 2019-20 BMSB risk season.

For the 2019-20 BMSB risk season, measures will apply to:

  • certain goods manufactured in, or shipped from target risk countries, and/or
  • vessels that berth at, load or tranship from target risk countries

from 1 September 2019 and that arrive in Australian territory by 31 May 2020 (inclusive)

All relevant updates and information can be found on the Departments BMSB page found here and we highly encourage reading the info.

Target Risk Countries have been expanded to 22 countries for the incoming season which should be noted by clients of being subject to BSMB Seasonal Measures, a list of Target Risk Countries can be found here. Please note types of target Risk goods and target High Risk goods are listed on the departments page which covers a wide range of articles.

The information on this page will allow you to understand what goods require mandatory treatment prior to or upon arrival in Australia. We do encourage treatment to be conducted prior to departure in order to assist in decreasing the risk of your goods being held for a prolonged amount of time in AU which dramatically increases the risk of detention and other additional costs.

If goods are being shipped which fall under BMSB Seasonal measures we highly recommend seeking the maximum allowable detention free time available as last year’s BSMB season saw backlogs at DAWR approved depots in waiting for officers to inspect goods, delays in unpacks and also extremely high demand for Fumigations  –  we do encourage anything that can be done prior to shipping including extended free time requests be done.

We are always here to assist and if you would like to discuss BSMB Seasonal Measures in further detail or understand further how it may impact your business please do not hesitate to contact our Customs Brokers;

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