DP World West Terminal Infrastructure Fee Increase

Dear Valued Clients,
As of 1st January 2020, DP World West Swanson has announced significant price increases to their services.
The VBS Booking Fee will increase by a staggering 42.50%.
The Wharf Infrastructure Levy will increase by 15%
In light of the above increases, we are left with the unpleasant task of passing on these increases to our clientele. 
Therefore effective 1st January 2020 our rates for DP Word West Swanson will be

Wharf Infrastructure Levy – $115.00 per container
Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Fee – $40.00 per time slot

Although we have not yet received any information from either Patrick or VICT, it is understood that both these terminals will use the latest increases set by DP World to increase their own charges.
Both the VTA and CTAA have written to the ACCC to investigate, however, the ACCC sanctioned the increases.
We apologise for the increases, however, they are totally out of our control.

Kind Regards, 

SILA Customer Service