Auckland Port Infrastructure Levy FCL Import & Export

Dear Valued Customers,

Port of Auckland has recently announced a two-phase Port Infrastructure levy fee for all international and domestic containers arriving at, or departing from Port of Auckland. The fee is implemented to contribute to the costs of delivering infrastructure investments and berth upgrades. The Port will collect the levy through the shipping lines effective 1st of January 2022.

This is a direct cost to us, Sila Global is unable to absorb this fee. Consequently, we will be introducing a new surcharge “Auckland Port Infrastructure Levy” to recover these costs.

The surcharge will be applied as per below table for all FCL international or domestic containers arriving at or departing from Port of Auckland.

Below table highlights the effective date and amount per container size.

Mode                 Effective Date        20’ Quantum         40’ Quantum
FCL Containers   1st January 2022      NZD 30 per TEU     NZD 60 per FEU
FCL Containers   1st July 2022            NZD 60 per TEU     NZD 120 per FEU

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information

Thank you for your understanding and continued support