VICT Review to Landside Charges & Infrastructure Surcharge

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2024 Landside Fee Increases

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) has received the following 60-day industry notice from VICT in relation to tariff adjustments.

Industry Notice – Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Charges and Storage Charges

Victoria international Container Terminal (VICT) has experienced a notable increase in business costs during the past twelve months. While VICT makes every effort to absorb these costs, there remains a need to recover a portion of the costs associated with the landside operations. This adjustment is essential to ensure VICT continues to provide an efficient service to our customers.

The surge in inflation and increase in energy prices have been a significant contributor to the unavoidable higher operating costs.

VICT is investing in an expansion project which will increase terminal infrastructure and enhance our vehicle booking system, by 30%. The new equipment and increased capacity will be fully operational and available from early in the first quarter of 2024.

In addition, VICT continues to invest heavily in technology to ensure our automated equipment and processes remain up to date to deliver consistent and efficient service levels that the industry expects from us.

Despite our efforts to contain and absorb some of the cost increases, VICT has been unable to avoid increases in our operational input and lease cost which, without adjustment to some of our infrastructure related costs, would negatively impact the continued service levels that our customers expect from us.

The landside charges recover part of the costs related to maintenance and operation costs on our landside, property costs, capital investment to the landside infrastructure.

The revised charges have been a direct result of increasing costs and are a direct pass through to our customers to recover these on-going costs.

Read the full VICT notice HERE

VICT – Industry Notice – Late Receival Fee

Effective from January 1, 2024, VICT will be increasing their Late Receival Fee, for receipt of export containers after the agreed vessel cut-off, to $402.75 + GST per container. This includes vessels sub-contracted to Victoria International Container Terminal by other container terminals.

Read the full VICT notice HERE

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