At SILA, we’re committed to knowing our customers and meeting their logistics requirements with a personalised, seamless experience that makes it easier for them to manage and streamline their business through delivering technological advances. Our Charter sets out how we meet our customer commitments.

Our Service Standards:

  • Providing high quality, value-add services based on client-specific needs
  • A commitment to safe work practices and adherence to industry and client guidelines in relation to the Chain of Responsibility
  • Effectively communicating any issues with proposed or actual shipments in a timely manner
  • Providing our clients with options and solutions to known, or potential, issues 
  • Providing easy access to practical information via email, SV3, links to website and social media
  • Confidentiality between our company, clients, and partners
  • Always remaining professional, helpful, and courteous with clients and partners
  • Investing in technology and innovation, such as our People, Processes & Systems (SV3), to provide solutions with full transparency to ultimately lower costs and increase efficiency for our clients 
  • Monitoring our environmental performance and making improvements to minimise waste and ensure efficient use of resources
  • Being firm with those who try to avoid responsibilities and obligations, and effective in bringing them to account

We promise to:

  • Provide honest, impartial, and unbiased service
  • Treat customer and partner information with complete confidentiality
  • Ensure our services are accessible by providing several access options
  • Listen to client feedback and use it to continually improve our services
  • Treat clients and partners with respect
  • Work collaboratively with clients & partners to assist in navigating global supply chain issues  
  • Treat all partners and clients as being honest in their affairs unless they act otherwise
  • Help clients understand and exceed their obligations within the supply chain 
  • Provide clients with invoices that accurately reflect services provided   
  • Respond to e-mails flagged as high priority queries within 2 business hours, with daily updates until resolved  
  • Respond to standard queries within 1 business day and aim to resolve within 5 business days

Your obligations when working with us:

  • Be cooperative and truthful 
  • Advise SILA if you notice any concerns with safety or Chain of Responsibility to ensure we can maintain a high quality of standard. 
  • Take responsibility for your documentation & payment preparation 
  • Ensure clear & correct documentation is presented to SILA in a timely manner
  • Understand your obligations as an importer
  • Understand our standard trading terms and conditions – AU / NZ
  • Keep informed on current industry and operational news via SILA Global website or e-mail notices 
  • Be courteous and respectful of our staff and company policies
  • Notify SILA in 7 days of any invoice concerns
  • Adhere to agreed credit payment terms & limits