Road Transport Logistics Australia 2

SILA Global has an extensive network of expert transport partners that can fulfil all of your domestic transport requirements.

In addition to our transport services we have developed visualisation products that make the domestic transport supply chain transparent. We can fully visualise your wharf transport, 3pl and last mile deliveries creating complete transparency for your staff and customers, which will enable you to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your supply chain.

SILA manages various supply chains, including 3PL, FCL, LCL, Break Bulk, and have created a smart system in conjunction with software and app developers that enables us to:

  • Geofence truck location
  • Optimise route planning
  • Provide electronic POD
  • Send advance notification of truck manifest and eta

Do you still email and call your provider for status of your delivery? Still in the dark about slot times? Are you waiting for manual POD to be returned?  If that’s you, please contact SILA Global for a full demonstration of our transport SV3 products.