SILA Global Logistics Company

SILA Global manages a diverse customer and commodity base which includes, cotton, hay, aluminium, foodstuff, carbon fibre manufactured products and electronics. We manage these services for customers located in Australia and New Zealand as well Europe, The Americas, Asia, and China.

We provide both international and domestic general cargo services with a goal to forge partnerships with our customers and work together to improve efficiencies and streamline costs in the supply chain.  

SILA Global services many industries outside of our foundation commodities (Steel, Chemical and FMCG) and our growth can be attributed to a focus
on SV3 visualisation products, including dynamic reporting and real time
data access.

Our SV3 products enable us to provide our customers with B2B and B2C intelligence, and connected visual supply chain services. Read more about our visual platforms here.

If you are looking for a service provider that will partner with your company to deliver a safe, efficient and transparent supply chain we look forward to discussing your objectives.

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