Update on the performance of Hutchison / SICTL Terminal

Dear Valued Clients,

As you would be aware Hutchison terminal has been operational for some months now in Sydney mainly servicing smaller island vessels.

Recently (1st Week) of April Hutchinson Terminal started receiving more significant vessels with typical container exchanges >1000 which is normal for the main Asian and Northern American services that come to Sydney.

Unfortunately their start up with the larger vessels has not been good.  Currently Hutchison do not have a rail line in service*, Rail operations are not expected to be operational in Hutchison until June 2014.

All containers tagged for rail need to be trucked from Hutchison terminal to rail terminal single truck turnarounds at Hutchison have been as bad as 7 hours per trip in the last couple of weeks.

With the above situation in mind we would strongly recommend that you take up with your shipping lines that you are concerned with the current Hutchison performance and that you will be seeking extended free time on all units ex Hutchison port until further notice.

FYI – SILA will not consider any container detention associated with containers discharged from this terminal until further notice.

We are continuing to seek ways to improve the current situation on a daily basis, however Hutchison need to improve dramatically for the industry to be able to treat this terminal in the same light as DPW or Patrick.


SILA Customer Service