Shanghai 24 Hours Advance Filing Rule

Dear Valued Customers,

“Please see notice as provided by Quay Shipping”

Please be advised that with effect from 10th Jun 2014, Shanghai Customs will implement a 24hr Advance Filing Rule which applies to all cargo being imported into Shanghai port (including cargo transhipping via Shanghai).

This rule requires Ocean Carriers to electronically file cargo information for cargo to be loaded on a vessel intending to enter port in Shanghai 24 hours before departing from origin port of loading (POL). The data transmission rules apply to all containerised cargo to be discharged or transhipped at Shanghai port.

If customs data is not filed within the deadline, cargo cannot be unloaded without the permission to discharge from China Customs.

In order to meet the requirement, Quay Shipping requests that all shippers’ letters of instructions (SLI) to be emailed to our Exports Documentation Team 32 business hours before vessel departs Port of Loading (POL). SLI must include the following information: HS Code (AHECC code), CBM and consignee / & or Notify party contact details.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Quay representatives.

Thank you & Kind Regards,

Customer Service Team
Quay Shipping Australia Pty Ltd