DP World Australia: Chain of Responsibility Legislation

Introduction of Weigh In Motion Fees in Brisbane & Chain of Responsibility.

Dear Valued Clients,

To comply with the Chain of Responsibility Legislation DP World has installed Weigh In Motion measurement devices at the exit gates of its Fisherman Island Terminal.

In line with the duty of care requirements prescribed under the legislation loaded vehicles leaving the terminal will be weighed to ensure that vehicle mass and axle loads do not exceed the legal limits.

With effect from July 7th 2014 a Chain of Responsibility Fee of A$5.10 + GST will be levied for each full import container leaving the terminal by road. This will be charged direct to the Transport Company when booking a VBS slot through 1-Stop for the collection of an import full container.

Where a vehicle is found to be overweight it will be refused exit from the terminal and a Chain of Responsibility Overweight fee of A$100.00 + GST will be levied for each container removed from the vehicle.

The Chain of Responsibility Fees, are currently applicable at DP World – Brisbane and is the first of its type nationally, and this additional surcharge may be extended to other terminals and other states in due course.

All parties in the chain of responsibility (CoR) are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with mass, load restraint, dimension and other obligations. This requires parties to employ a risk management approach to their obligations under CoR legislation by identifying and assessing risks that could lead to non-compliance and then taking steps to eliminate, reduce or manage those risks. In managing these risks we urge our Customers to continually remind their suppliers to pack cargo safely, securely and distribute the weight evenly to ensure compliance of axle group weight requirements at destination.

A detailed explanation of the operation and requirements of the Chain of Responsibility Legislation can be found at the website of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator at www.nhvr.gov.au.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service Team