AUSTRADE Advice – China New Food Safety Law

Dear Exporter,

Don’t risk your reputation and the success of your product, talk to a reliable partner as recommended by Austrade. Click to read Austrade advice in regards the new Food Safety Laws.

AUSTRADE Recommended DON’Ts and DO’s:


  • Disregard  the compliance
  • Avoid a less experienced importer
  • Relying Too much on the importer
  • Deal with the incompliance after export


  • Be cautious of the compliance
  • Find a reliable partner
  • Be familiar with the regulations
  • Do consider the compliance issues BEFORE exporting
  • Get help from government associations or professional consulting companies Sinotrans limited is China largest state owned logistics company with established Food supply chain services.
  • SILA in partnership with Sinotrans PFS (chilled and frozen supply chain) and Sinotrans Limited ambient supply chain. Provides a complete services for Australian exporters wanting to succeed in China.

Please contact  Mia Lu SILA China Representative for all enquiry:  02 95564866