Changes to Quarantine Packing Declarations

Dear All,

We would like to again bring to your attention a key change that will affect clearance of goods through the Department of Agriculture and Water Recourses (Australia Quarantine formerly DAFF / AQIS). It is related to “Prohibited packaging material statement” on packing declarations.

‘Prohibited packaging material statement’ as required by Department of Agriculture and Water Recourses (DAWR) policy has been replaced by the ‘unacceptable packaging statement’.

DAWR has received legal advice that the ‘unacceptable packaging statement’ must only be used under the new Biosecurity Act 2015.

The DAWR will continue to accept the prohibited packaging statement until 16 June 2017.

A new packing declaration template is now published on the DAWR website to reflect this change. To download the new packing (Packer/Supplier – Combined FCL/LCL packing declaration or annual packing declaration) templates click HERE.

It is important that suppliers/packers are informed of this change to ensure they comply after 16 June 2017.

Kind Regards

SILA Customer Service