China Merchants & Sinotrans & CSC Update

Dear Valued Clients,

Please see below article regarding strategic reorganisation of China merchants group and SINOTRANS CSC this further enhances the combined strength of China Merchants group and SINOTRANS CSC.

This is a very good outcome for all business units as both China Merchants & Sinotrans & CSC are profitable companies. China Merchants is a much larger organisation than Sinotrans in regards assets and profitability. The two business complement each other, Sinotrans from a logistics & Shipping perspective and China merchants, from a Ports, Banking & Finance, Property perspective.

For general information China Merchants are the major lease holders of Port of Newcastle , owner of Loscam pallets , China Merchant Bank Sydney, Oriental Merchants Australia (ABC Sauces, Nong Shim, Lee Kum Kee, Yeo’s brands just to name a few)

Please do not hesitate to contact your local SILA sales representative or send email to if you require more information.

King Regards
SILA Customer Service