Changes to Quarantine Packing Declaration – Prohibited Packaging Statement

To our valued customers,

We would like to remind clients about upcoming changes to Quarantine Packing Declaration as per SILA notice 17/08/16

As per the Industry advice notice 38-2017 the Department of Agriculture requires Packing Declarations to align with the Biosecurity Act 2015. As such the wording ‘Prohibited Packaging material statement’ has now been replaced with ‘unacceptable packaging statement’.

The implementation date is the 16th of June 2017. Consignments can be cleared using ‘consignment specific’ packing declarations with the previous wording if they are dated prior to 16th June 2017.

Annual packing Declarations using the ‘Prohibited Packaging material statement’ will not be accepted for consignments shipped on or after the 16th of June regardless of their expiry date.

As such it is extremely important that Importers using Annual Packing Declarations send the updated templates to their suppliers as soon as possible so the updated declarations can be held on file in readiness for this change, otherwise clearance delays can occur.

King Regards
SILA Customer Service