SILA Global – COVID-19 Weekly Update 16/04/2020


Dear Reader,

Please find below weekly update of major international hubs experiencing COVID-19 restrictions:

Canada: Working as normal – limited air space

China: Working as normal – limited space & higher air rates

India: Complete lockdown extended until May– only medical, food & approved items allowed to move subject to medical screening. Air space drastically affected, sea freight affected by limited staff, less capacity, some port closure, quarantine requirements and port congestion. Domestic transport for essential services only.

Indonesia: Partial lockdown extended until 31/04 – working with decreased hours/less capacity. Air rates are high

Italy: Limited air space, Sea freight stable. Essential services not affected and non essential services may operate by special request

Germany: Partial lockdown – non-essential services shut until April 20. Limited air space.

Korea: Partial shutdown – limited space & vessel delays

Malaysia: Partial shutdown in place extended to 28/04 – essential services are OK however non-essential requires exemption. Less air/sea capacity.

New Zealand: 4 weeks lockdown until 23/04 – essential services OK

Peru: Isolation required until 13/4. Air & sea freight OK however with delays.

Philippines: Partial shutdown extended to 30/04 – some zones have suspended business. There is less space, unstable schedules and transport requires permits. Port congestion in Manila.

South Africa: Government lockdown extended until 30/04. Supply chain for essential services is OK
Taiwan: Working as normal – limited space & higher air rates

USA: Working as normal – some partial shutdown in some areas. Air freight is tight, sea freight is operating as normal.

UK: 3 week lockdown in place with all non essential shops closed. End delivery points impacted by lockdowns but supply chain still open Air space heavily reduced with no contract rates.

Vietnam: Partial shutdowns in place. Less capacity, subject to blank sailings and limited flights. Transport is subject to health check points. Medical supplies & rice restricted for export.

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