Vessel Schedule Delays – Australia

Dear Valued Clients,

SILA Global would like to advise clients of increasing delays to vessels transiting through Australian ports, in particular Sydney. These delays are becoming a more common occurrence and we are also receiving notices from some shipping lines as to changes in Port Rotation or omitting Sydney and discharging cargo in Melbourne and onforwarding by feeder vessel.

The delays in Sydney are the direct result of repetitive heavy weather systems passing through New South Wales during the previous 4-5 weeks. The weather experienced over the last weekend was significant enough to cause the suspension of pilotage services and closure of the port.

In addition to weather, delays to vessels are also being experienced due to the Industrial Action being undertaken by the Maritime Union of Australia. This is occurring across a number of Australia’s main container terminals and unfortunately remains an ongoing issue which is creating delays throughout the entire supply chain.

Kind Regards,

SILA Customer Service