Dear Customer,

We are sure you are well aware by now of the struggles occurring in the international supply chain:

• Huge manufacturing demand
• Container shortages in major manufacturing countries
• Congestion at ports all around the globe
• Chassis and driver shortages
• Container Park capacity

In addition to the above is the congestion at major transhipment hubs.

Once the difficulty of securing space on a vessel and sourcing the necessary containers is overcome, the next major hurdle affecting the supply chain is congestion and delays at transhipment hubs. Finally after the goods arrive at the final port of discharge, the supply chain also faces (depending on destination) congestion within the port, lack of chassis/trucks, drivers, and ultimately a place to de-hire the empty container.

This article from Seatrade highlights delays at transhipment ports around the globe:

If you have any questions about the state of the supply chain and how your shipments are impacted – please contact your local SILA Global representative.

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SILA Global Customer Service