MUA Action Port Botany

Dear All,

Please see below notification received regarding MUA action at Port Botany next week, MUA action will also occur at Patrick Fremantle Facility as well.

We will keep you informed should this effect your shipment.

“Late Tuesday afternoon the Maritime Union of Australia provided notice it would engage in a 48-hour strike at the Sydney AutoStrad Terminal beginning next Wednesday April 13th at 06:00hrs and ending 06:00hrs Friday April 15th.

This means all road operations at Port Botany will also be out of action for the duration of the strike. We are extremely disappointed at the MUA‘s decision to issue another strike in Port Botany, an action we consider to be entirely unwarranted.

However we remain committed to continuing negotiations that achieves an outcome on our Enterprise Agreement that is sustainable for our business, our employees and customers.

We understand the impact that these disruptions are having on your business but assure you we are doing everything we can to resolve all outstanding issues as quickly as possible.”

Kind Regards,

SILA Customer Service