Australian Infrastructure Fee Update – All Ports

Dear Valued Client,

Please note that Patricks Terminal has further increased their infrastructure fees at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle Port.

DP World’s infrastructure fees have been applied since 1st January 2018. As for Patricks, the following charges will applicable from 12th March 2018;


  • Patrick Terminal:   AUD 47.08 per container ex GST
  • DP World:              AUD 43.75 per container ex GST
  • Hutchinson:           AUD 40.20 per container ex GST


  • Patrick Terminal:  AUD 50.21 per container ex GST
  • DP World:             AUD 42.65 per container ex GST


  • Patrick Terminal:  AUD 57.25 per container ex GST
  • DP World:             AUD 54.20 per container ex GST


  • Patrick Terminal:  AUD 13.25 per container ex GST
  • DP World:             AUD 14.04 per container ex GST

Kindly forward this email to all appropriate personnel within your organisation.

Kind Regards

SILA Customer Team