Industry News – 30 June 2022


IFCBAA: Container demurrage & detention charges reach records highs! 
According to recent reports, FIATA said “demurrage and detention charges have doubled, resulting in complaints across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific with a reported significant increase in demurrage and detention charges over the past few years

Today’s maritime supply chain continues to undergo severe disruptions, exacerbated further by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Schedule reliability in terms of transit and frequency are now at an all-time low resulting in a total absence of predictability, whilst freight rates are at record high levels”.

Freight forwarders and their customers – many of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – are particularly hard hit by these rocketing prices, being increasingly subjected to spot contracts with high price volatility as compared to longer-term contracts held by beneficial cargo owners.
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ASSDA: Global Industry Supply Chain Pressure
Simon Pepper, Managing Director of ASSDA Member SILA Global, provides an important update on shipping and logistics in the Australian supply chain.
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Prime Mover: Shipping profits raise calls for law change
Global rises in shipping prices and profits have led to calls for change in Australia’s Competition and Act Consumer law.

CEO of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), Peter Anderson, explained that while industries such as tourism, hospitality and retail were impacted by public health restrictions in response to COVID-19, transport continued with fewer disruptions. According to him, this is because of the essential service they provide, but that factor did not prevent similar disproportions in the financial performance of different links in the supply chain.

“Road freight operators in Australia have experienced spiralling diesel costs, which other transport modes haven’t been exposed to,” he said.

“The financial impact of the pandemic on shippers is worth examining in consideration of competition exemptions they receive under Competition and Act Consumer 2010, with increases in shipping liner super profits of up to 900 per cent further evidence Part X of the Act needs to be repealed.”
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gCaptain: Empty Container Boxes Stuck At Rotterdam May Stoke Asia Shortage
Jun 20, 2022,(Bloomberg) —Empty container boxes crucial for Asia’s exporters are getting stuck in the port of Rotterdam as a growing backlog of undelivered goods at Europe’s export hub forces ocean carriers to prioritize shipments of filled boxes.

The Dutch port has faced an onslaught of both goods and empty boxes offloaded from other European maritime operations, shipping experts said. This has coincided with carriers reducing the number of vessel trips from the continent to China after Shanghai authorities locked down the city in March, they said.

“Terminals are allowing shipping carriers only a limited capacity for empty boxes and are focusing on transporting loaded containers,” Kuehne + Nagel International AG, one of Europe’s largest freight forwarders, said in an e-mailed reply to  questions. “Containers are piling up at the terminals, and more and more containers cannot be returned on departures, including those to Asia.”

The port of Rotterdam port didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
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ASSDA: PacRim Stainless 2022 
Less than 1 month until PacRim Stainless 2022 event with many guest speakers, including our very own Managing Director – Simon Pepper.
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ASSDA: Australian Stainless #75

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