China Refrigerated Supply Chain

SinoTrans PFS has appointed SI Logistics Australia Pty Ltd trading as Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia (SILA) as exclusive Australian representative.

SinoTrans PFS is a joint venture between China largest logistics company Sinotrans Limited and USA refridgerated supply chain specialist Preferred Freezer Services, 35 USA facilites, 1 Vietnam. SinoTrans PFS China is led by Managing Director / Chairman Mr Tim McLean.

SinoTrans PFS operate three CIQ approved warehousing and distribution facilities within China, with another facility under construction.

SILA as exclusive representatives of SinoTrans PFS will provide Australian exporters & importers with a local contact to assist with the challenges of providing a secure supply chain that is compliant to China new “Food Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China”, Putting Prevention First.

In addition to our warehouse storage, distribution,customs clearance, CIQ and quality control services. SinoTrans PFS operate a fleet of company owned refrigerated vehicles providing inter-city line haul and distribution services. Each vehicle is fitted with temperature controlled device recorders to insure product is delivered in the condition it is intended.

Please direct all inquiries to SILA Marketing Co-ordinator MIA Lu 02 95564866


Anti Dumping Update

Dear All,

SILA would like to inform you that there have been some recent updates published by the Anti-Dumping Commission, they can be found here

Notice of Investigation into Chrome Bars from Italy and Romania

  • Findings of an exemption inquiry to AD Case in relation to Galvanised Steel from China, Korea and Taiwan
  • Various Public Record updates in regards to above mentioned cases as well Hot Rolled Plate, Reinforcing Bar and Hollow Structural Sections

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SILA Team.

Kind Regards,

SILA Customer Service

DAFF - Protected Industrial Action

Dear All,

We have received notice of further DAFF Protected Industrial Action. Please see the following link for specific details here.

As always the SILA team will be in contact should any of this have an effect on your shipment.

Kind Regards

SILA Customer Service

Changes to the Department of Agriculture Cost Recovery Arrangements

We have received advise that the Department of Agriculture will be implementing changes to their cost recovery arrangements effective 1 December 2015. In depth information can be for on the DAFF website here and our summary of key changes for Importers is below which is reflected by 3.1 of the Biosecurity Cost Recovery Statement.

Import Declarations
Under the Current fee structure import declarations attract a flat fee plus an additional charge per container (or part of)
• FCL: $15.00 + $30.00 per container
• LCL: $15.00 + $8.00
• BBK $15.00 (nothing further)
• Air: $16.00 (nothing further)
Under the new Structure there will only be a Flat fee and nothing further Per container, however the flat fee has increased to;
• FCL: $42.00
• LCL: $42.00
• BBK: $42.00
• Air: $33.00

Goods Subject to Quarantine or Referred for further processing
Currently an electronic lodgement fee of $10 is payable plus $40.00 which covered the initial assessment up to 30minutes.

Under the new structure there will no longer be an electronic lodgement fee and the assessment fee has been reduced to $30 however only covering 15 minutes.
Following is an extract from the document “The department expects most AIMS entries will only require a 15 minute assessment. There is no longer a fee if the department requires additional information to process a consignment, but if an assessment takes longer than 15 minutes, it will be charged at $30 for each additional 15 minutes.” While it is expected that consignments will only take 15mins to process it would be prudent to note that more complex entries involving permits and many lines of cargo may go beyond this allotted amount of time and extra costs could apply.

We understand there is a fee structure review also being tabled by Australian Border Force in which we will bring further details once finalised.

As always if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SILA team.

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SILA Customer Service

Australian Border Force Protection – Notification of Protected Industrial Action

Dear All,

The following notification has been made by the Australian Border Force (ABF) in regards to protected Industrial Action.

While there are various work stoppages over the next few days a 24hour Stoppage on the 9th of November at International Ports and container examination facilities would likely add a further delay to cargo which is held for screening at this time. It is essential that import documents and pre-alerts are received early enough to lodge declarations well in advance.

As always our team is here to help and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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SILA Customer Service


Hello Everyone,

It would appear that the details of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) has been agreed upon in parliament. The opposition proposed certain changes in relation to wages and the 457 VISA which can be read in further detail here however it appears our current government has accepted the proposal allowing the FTA to move forward. Ultimately it is another advancement toward implementation, however there is still long way to go until we know an implementation date.

I would like to draw your attention to this informative commentary made by Andrew Hudson which further details some of the hurdles brokers are likely to face and the processes that still needing to be finalised before business is able to benefit from the agreement.

As always if there is anything to you would like to know further please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

SILA Customer Service

SILA - Marine Cargo Insurance

Dear SILA Customer,

We are pleased to announce that SILA is now offering Marine cargo insurance to our customers. SILA Marine Cargo Insurance covers all forms of transit and all types of commodities and interests. Import and /or Export Cargo and Inland transit of goods by Sea, Road, Air, Rail and Post are all encompassed.

For a competitive quote please contact your SILA sales representative.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service

Australian Trusted Trader Program Sept 2015

Dear Valued Clients,

The Australian Trusted Trader is gaining further momentum and we would like to take this opportunity to update you further. The program is a voluntary partnership between an accredited business and the Australian Government that aims to streamline and facilitate trade, and enhance supply chain security.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) recently launched the programme announcing the initial four pilot participants and is now extending invitations to other exporters and importers to participate in the initial pilot phase of the programme.

The following is as an independent observation provided by the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) outlining the current status of the programme and key considerations for businesses in weighing up whether or not to participate in the programme.


Exporters are expected to benefit from streamlined processes via Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) being established between governments that support global trusted trader programmes.

It is also anticipated that joining the programme will satisfy international airfreight “security” requirements and will be aligned to the Office of Transport Security’s “known consignor” scheme.

Importers are also likely to benefit from participation in the program with priority trade services (including the possible relaxation of document requirements under Free Trade Agreements), access to a relationship manager and increased predictability of cargo release which will assist in the management of logistics operations.

Other benefits are likely to include duty deferral and streamlined reporting processes, including reforms to align cargo reporting requirements with contemporary multiple supplier (assembly order) commercial practices.

In parallel to this, industry is also looking for a reduction in the DIBP administered Import Processing Charge (IPC) that is currently charged on a consignment basis.

Note – effective 1 January 2016 the IPC will increase to $50 for consignments valued > $1,000 - < $10,000 and to $152 for consignments > $10,000.

Further information on how duty deferral and streamlined reporting will operate for Australian Trusted Traders will be subject to Government consideration as part of the 2016 / 2017 federal budget process.


DIBP will not charge for the application process or ongoing client management support associated with the programme.

Businesses will need to demonstrate requirements relating to supply chain security and a history of trade compliance. It is anticipated that costs for industry will vary depending on existing audit measures in place and remedial action required for qualification against the DIBP standards.

Next steps:

Until there is a clearer understanding of the programme’s benefits and costs, it is impossible to determine a definitive return on investment.

In the interim and as an indication of requirements, an Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire is currently available that forms a part of the application process ( It is important to note that not all questions will be applicable to all applicants. We understand that this content will soon be available via an online portal.

It is highly recommended that exporters and importers continue to work closely with their freight forwarders and customs brokers as their trusted advisors to ensure ongoing high levels of compliance with trade measures and to document supply chain processes. In an environment of increased compliance activity, this approach will reduce exposure to significant penalty provisions and will best position businesses to take advantage of the Australian Trusted Trader programme once benefits are clearly established.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your SILA representative.

King Regards,

SILA Customer Service

Monday 17/08 Update - Brisbane and Sydney International Container Terminal now open

Dear Customers,

We are glad to advise that both Sydney and Brisbane International Container Terminals are now operational. Click here for further information

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service

Friday 14/08 Update - Brisbane and Sydney International Container Terminal Closure

Dear Customers,

As reported in the news this morning the Federal Court has ordered the reinstatement of Brisbane and Sydney International Container Terminal employees pending a substantive hearing scheduled for August 31.

As at 0730hrs this morning, time slots in Brisbane were made available for today.

Unfortunately Sydney Terminal remains closed today with a notice released advising they are closed for all time zones as the terminal is still experiencing labour issues.

Please feel free to contact SILA if you have any questions however our Team will contact you should it have an affect on delivery commitments.

Kind Regards
SILA Customer Service